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Porter's Gin

"Porter’s Gin is a fusion of old and new.  Unbound by conventional methods, we create our gin using a combination of both modern and traditional techniques. Using cold distillation allows us to extract light flavours from delicate botanicals normally damaged by heat.  However, some botanicals are better distilled in the classical way, so we developed our recipe with the UK’s oldest gin distillery, ensuring that we build upon tradition."


Kirsty’s Gin is distilled using the carefully selected local botanicals chosen by our Master Distiller, Kirsty Black.The kelp, carline thistle & blaeberry embody the elements of  ocean, rock & land that surround our east coast, Angus farmlands. As fourth generation scottish farmers we perfectly nurture the crops that we use to distil our gin.

Wild Island

Crafted in a century old copper still at Langley Distillery, using 100% British Wheat infused with six native hand foraged botanicals growing wild on our island and a further ten as the base. Wild Island Botanic Gin is bottled in Scotland at 43.7% abv using pure Scottish water

Minus 33

"The aim was simple, we set out to create a naturally smooth, great tasting, low calorie spirit that didn't compromise on quality and flavour and following a process of careful experimentation, we found that when we reduced the alcohol level by 33%, customers actually preferred the taste."


Jindea is made from single estate First Flush Darjeeling Tea, the springtime harvest which produces a delicate and floral Himalayan black tea, known to tea-lovers as the ‘Champagne of Tea’.A citrus-forward gin with aromatic spices, peaches and apricots. The single pot still distillation creates a bolder style of gin that works fantastically in highball drinks such as G&T’s or Collins, and even more so in a Classic Martini with a twist of grapefruit.

Bon Accord Soft Drinks


Cloudy Lemonade

Ginger  Beer

Rhubarb Soda

Once a dominant brand on the Scottish soft drink scene, Bon Accord was a household name and loved by many.  Now, four generations on, the company has been revived and reimagined for modern day consumers.

Bon Accord Soft Drinks are full in flavour, but contain no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. They are flavoured with 100% natural ingredients.

The House of Botanicals

The creation of this gin starts in London where the base London Dry gin is distilled with traditional botanicals; juniper, angelica root, orris root, coriander seed, orange peel, lemon peel, almond and cassia bark, before it is shipped to Aberdeen and macerated with Moroccan saffron and chamomile, giving it a distinctive golden hue, before muscovado sugar is added to create the distinctive Old Tom style. A deliciously floral, sweet gin that pays carefully-researched homage to the traditional Old Tom style.

Dr. Adams Bitters

Utilised by bartenders and chefs as a liquid spice rack, bitters are typically dashed into drinks and food to act as a flavouring agent, binder and lengthener. Due to the myriad of flavour they contain, bitters assist in the integration of flavour within cocktails, bridging gaps between the various components, enhancing or complementing existing flavours, and adding layers of complexity, depth and character. For a simple analogy just consider what salt and pepper does for a meal.

J.J Whitley

The gin’s botanical mix include essentials like juniper, angelica root and coriander, alongside violet (of course), plus a spot of liquorice.


This small berry is what gives Kokoro its distinctive flavour. A citrusy zing balanced by a warm and peppery finish. It’s the soul of the forest, at the heart of our gin.

Shetland Reel

Each Shetland Reel Gin is an excellent traditional-style gin with a unique Shetland twist. Our original gin includes locally grown apple mint, and our Ocean Sent Gin uses specially harvested bladderwrack seaweed from the Shetland coastline.

Hills & Harbour

Galloway is our home and a special corner of Scotland. Surrounded by forests and unspoilt coastlines, it’s the perfect larder for our ingredients. Noble Fir needles & Bladderwrack Seaweed are distilled with 9 other botanicals, creating a smooth and vibrant gin.


Is crisp, clean and juniper led.  It is a classic gin with its own distinctive notes including citrus and a hint of our floral botanicals.

The Teasmith

A careful blend of finely curated botanicals and hand-picked tea is what gives 'The Teasmith' its characteristic taste. Juniper, coriander, grains of paradise, orange peel and other carefully selected botanicals are distilled not once, but twice in traditional copper alembic stills.


No.3 Gin, is the only London Dry Gin that is distilled to our own proprietary recipe, using small traditional pot stills at one of Holland’s oldest distilleries owned by a family firm that like Berry Bros. & Rudd, have over 300 years of experience and know-how.


Everyone else is making gin, so we did something different: a juniper-free botanical spirit. It’s spicy, citrusy & mixes really well with tonic. AND IT’S NOT A GIN. To make Escubac, we macerate 14 botanicals, including caraway, cardamom, nutmeg and citrus, for 72 hours, then slowly distill them on our custom copper pot still. The spirit is then lightly sweetened with raisins and vanilla, and naturally coloured with saffron for a pale-yellow hue.


The unique, balanced flavour and aroma of Marylebone Gin derives from our use of the purest grain spirit and our careful selection of the finest botanicals from around the globe.

Aber Falls

Our beautiful copper gin still ensures a maximum refined quality in our spirits, and the carefully selected botanicals are blended to create an exquisitely rounded and balanced flavour to all our gins.

Whitley Neill

Bright, zesty aromas head up a clean, citrus Gin. A sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges offers a smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun.


At the Glenrothes, we only bottle our Single Malt Whisky at the moment it reaches its peak of maturity and taste. Each individual cask of ours is carefully checked, nosed and tasted many times over many years, until it’s deemed to be perfect.

Summerhouse Drinks


Artisan lemonades made with 100% natural ingredients in Scotland

Walter Gregor

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of our team - Walter Gregor's Tonic Water with Quinine.  It's an all natural tonic water made using infused botanicals giving a clean, crisp taste.

Orchid, the Granite City's home for discerning drinkers. At Orchid we are dedicated to raising the standards for mixed drinks and cocktails in Aberdeen and Scotland. We aim to provide you with a stylish and relaxed environment in which to enjoy our range of classic and contemporary, unique or sometimes even quirky cocktails, individually made from the best ingredients.



Something a little different to the other stands, Orchid will be chatting cocktails and the importance of them throughout history.  Bottled cocktails will be on offer to buy on the day.


A first wave of oriental spice hits the palate from our pink, black and Szechuan peppercorns, closely followed and balanced by sweet citrus notes drawn from the peel of Paraguayan bitter oranges, Sicilian lemons and Mexican pink grapefruits, finished off with an all-out star anise assault.

6 Degrees North

Brewing with refinement, without fuss. We encapsulate beer culture through our brewery, venues and consumers. Aspiring to maximise our product quality by brewing well balanced beers served in the best venues and consumed by all whom love to imbib. We will passionately provide choice. Whilst engaging out consumer and employees to life simple pleasures and to the beer world around us.



Distilled in Royal Deeside, RAVEN GIN has landed, as a spirit of quality and finish that has been thoughtfully crafted to create a memorable taste journey in its smoothness and in its distinctive finish. Produced from a recipe of six traditional botanicals with a sweet citrus hint from inclusion of delicate mandarin, RAVEN GIN delivers a well-balanced premium dry gin, which is fresh on the nose, light and smooth on the palate, with a distinct warm and slightly spicy finish.


Scapegrace Gin is distilled in New Zealand, at the foot of the Southern Alps. 12 botanicals are used, many native, and the result is a gin packed full of citrus and juniper with a hint of spice.


Intensely infused liqueurs. Handmade in small batches in Cheshire using only the finest natural ingredients.


Made with THE FINEST herbs, spices and fruit IMPORTED FROM THREE CONTINENTS, Broker’s Gin is SPECIALLY BLENDED TO BE DRY…not unlike the British sense of humour.


The distillation process sees us macerating our botanicals for several hours. Our direct-fired stills are hand made for us in Portugal, paying homage to the origins of distillation by the Moors in the12th century. Once the stills are full, a long, slow distillation allows us to decide the cut points by taste rather than yield, to ensure that we create a highland dry Scottish gin of the highest standard.


The multi award-winning Makar Original Gin is the first gin to be distilled in the city of Glasgow. Embracing the characteristics of the city itself, Makar is a bold, vibrant, juniper-led gin that derives its name from the ancient Scots word for ‘the maker’ or craftsman.

Beer Story

Let our novel brews take you on an adventure exploring different ingredients from regions around the world


An authentic tale of craft and graft, spuds and science, small-scale quality and big ideas. At its root is our family’s affinity with the land, a bond which inspired the creation of Ogilvy premium potato vodka.

Uisge Lusach

Uisge Lusach is smooth enough to savour without accompaniment, though it also makes a remarkable G&T – served simply with a slice of orange, the best tonic and lots of ice. Slowly vapour infused, the gin has a refined rich texture, the juniper beautifully balanced by a lemon citrus brightness and delicate notes of warming spice.